A YEAR OF formation-action 2019



An innovative and professional training session taking place in Avignon with André THONARD and Elisabeth FALCONE both trained to Collective Intelligence by Robert DILTS.


Module I – 20th and 21st April 2019 « create generative collaborations »

Day 1

  • Apprehend people’s investment and influence to integrate them in socio-professional fields
  • Establish a relational field factor of coherence and co-operation in team work
  • Learn how to express a strong professional goal that includes Vision, Task and Ambition
  • Learn how to encourage « team-learning »
  • Be able to model oneself on somebody and share other people’s knowledge in professional situations

Day 2

  • Apprehend the construction’s strategy of the « intelligent spreading » inside organisations
  • Learn how to face resistance and interference with generative co-operations in a company
  • Learn how to work with archetypal and collective energies within socio-professional bounds
  • Learn how to encourage collaborative spirals inside organisations
  • Develop exchange groups about experience and practice

Module II – 8th and 9th June 2019 – « Modelling of synergy »

  • Learn to observe how groups work by analysing key sentences and by preparing an adequate modelling plan
  • Set the limits of the synergy (creativity, decision, action, etc…)
  • Understand the internal and external systemic influences
  • Learn how to create a made to measure modelling grid
  • Learn how to complete the modelling grid and develop a pilot model
  • Discover the somatic and energizing factors in order to develop the pilot model
  • Be able to test and reject the pilot model
  • Learn how to present to the group a model that will be used in autonomy
  • Be able to summarize the results and develop the model for many contexts
  • Compare and make the synergies universal to develop Collective Intelligence

Module III – 7th and 8th September 2019 – « Structuring the need of collective wisdom »

  • Learn the old and traditional methods that were used in the past to ease the start of collective Intelligence
  • Get familiar with the sociological methods directly taken from the theory of « The Wisdom of Crowds »
  • Follow the dance of chaos and order
  • Find and use the skills that ease collective intuitions
  • Help make decisions with non-linear methods
  • Develop tools to work with leaders and their teams
  • Learn how to present and sell a training course based on Collective Intelligence (team coaching, mediation, easiness…)
  • Understand the concepts of limit, position, presence, ethic in the discovery of Collective Intelligence
  • Manage the challenges of Collective Shadow
  • Learn how to link these sessions and your work to international networks
  • Learn how to encourage collaborative spirals inside organisations
  • Develop exchange groups about experience and practice

Between 2012 and 2018, this first training session called « To help develop Collective Intelligence » has been presented 6 times to 300 people in France and in the US and will be again in 2019.

> 5 briefing sessions,
1 session on the Saturday during the training Module,
1 session on the phone on a Monday between each module (day to be planned).

> Each participant takes part in a team work with other colleagues and starts working on a theme of their choice,
with the help of dedicated trainer.

> Work study. Participants are now asked to put into practice their training courses and develop Collective Intelligence for a firm or an association of their choice. They have 9 months to complete their individual work study.

> Certificate. If the participants have been present to all 3 modules and briefing and have completed their individual work study, this training session results in an international certificate issued by « Dilts strategy Group » and « Formation Evolution et Synergie », both Helpers in Collective Intelligence.


The first years of the course gathered around 100 participants with a high level of maturity and professionalism. Amongst them some are now trained to participate as assistants or guides for the new cycles. The training is also based on current projects and on last year’s modelling.

What kind of public

  • Consultants, coaches, trainers, psychologists
  • Team managers, institution managers, project managers
  • CEOs, Directors


These 2 trainers are both professional consultants, specially trained and directed by Robert Dilts. They run their courses together and are members of the Association « Vision 2021 », www.vision-2021.com

Elisabeth FALCONE est formatrice certifiée en Leadership Conscient, Intelligence Collective et Generative Consulting par Robert DILTS, et membre du DILTS Strategy Group. Co-fondatirce et membre actif au sein de l'association pour le déploiement de l’Intelligence Collective dans le monde - Vision 2021 -, elle co-pilote chaque année un congrès sur l’Intelligence Collective et est l’auteur avec Robert Dilts, Isabelle Meiss et Gilles Roy de « L’OUTIL PERICEO : Equipes et Organisations, développez vos capacités d’Intelligence Collective » outil de diagnostic qui met en évidence les facteurs favorisant l’émergence de l’intelligence collective dans les organisations.

André THONARD a complété ses formations universitaires par des formations certifiantes en coaching individuel et d’équipe, en supervision , en analyse transactionnelle ( C.T.A) et pour les outils MBTI et DISC/Insights . Il est à ce jour certifié par la NLP University de Santa Cruz en Californie comme formateur et facilitateur en Intelligence Collective. Il est détenteur d’un Diplôme Universitaire(DU) d’Intelligence Collective : Facilitation, Agilité, Coaching de L’Université de Cergy Pontoise(Paris) Consultant-facilitateur opérant depuis 30 ans dans le monde des entreprises et des associations, sa passion est d’aider les personnes à grandir en tant que professionnel en développant et réalisant leurs défis. Co-fondateur de l’association Vision 2021, il vise à essaimer l’intelligence collective à divers niveaux de la société par le mise en œuvre de nouvelles formes d’accompagnement et de développement.


Organisation : Formation Evolution et Synergie
Place : Avignon
Dates : voir calendrier
Prices : Individuals : 1 790€ - Compagnies : 2 327€.

These fixed prices include the 3 modules (42 hours), the briefings (6 hours) and the guided group meetings.
Application steps: each participant receives a survey (and sometimes also has a phone meeting) and the usual documents (contract or agreement terms).

Contact: Formation Evolution et Synergie, 3 Avenue de la Synagogue 84000 Avignon
E-mail: formationevolutionetsynergie@wanadoo.fr
Phone: 0033 4 90 16 04 16